Monday, November 9, 2015

Chore Charts Shmore Charts: What to do When All Those Cute Charts Don't Work!

I love pretty things!
I love scrapbook paper but I don't scrapbook! Strange, I know!
I love looking at all the beautiful pinterest pins of home decor!  But, I'm not much of a decorator!

Truth is...pretty things tend to be a waste of time for me. And sometimes a waste of money!

*I know this post will be anything but popular in blogger world.
But, I just want to be real for a minute!*

I can't tell you how many of those cute and easy chore charts I have
Searched for
Filed away!

(I would throw them away but I spent some time and money on those things!)
The thing is....a chore chart is one more thing to impliment into my already packed day! 
So, what now?
Stop doing chores? No way!
How can we make sure chores are getting done and everyone is doing their part?
Here's 5 easy steps to getting it all done! 

1. Get a piece of paper.
  • Divide the paper into 6 blocks. 
  • Write "Daily" in the first box
  • Write one day of the week (Monday-Friday) in the remaining boxes.

2. Daily Box
  • Write down 5 things you NEED to do everyday that you often forget.
  • DELEGATE...Beside each of those 5 things, write the name of any child who could complete that chore or the name of the child you want to complete that chore.
3. Monday-Friday Boxes
  • Take the number of rooms/areas you have in your house and devide them into 5 days. 
Let me explain...
You're setting up something similar to "Zones"
I have 10 rooms/areas in my house
Kitchen and Dining
Living Room
School Area
Master Bedroom
Laundry Room
E's Room
Boy's Room
Upstairs Hallway Area and Closet
In order to fit 10 areas into 5 days, I have to pair them up. 
Monday: Laundry Room and Bathroom
Tuesday: Kitchen and Dining,  and Living Room
Wednesday: E's Room, Boy's Room, Upstairs Area and Closet
Thursday: Master Bedroom and School Area
Friday: Car
I grouped them based on area. The kid's rooms are upstairs. So on the same day we clean their rooms, we clean the upstairs hallway and closet.
Our School Area is in the Living Room but it needs straightened more than once a week.
4. List 8-10 tasks under each day. And, again, DELEGATE!

Now...I do laundry every day!
So, on Monday under Laundry Room I don't write "do laundry".
Instead...I write:
Clear Table - E, S, W
Fold and put away all clothes - E, S
Pair Socks - E, S, W
Straighten Shelves - E
Straighten Shoes - E, S, W
Vacuum - E, S
Empty Trash - E, S, W
Wipe down doors, windows, surfaces,  washer and dryer - E, S, W
This is what mine looks like...
5. Assign a task
Each night I write a checklist for each of my children. This takes no more than 15 minutes and has transformed our homeschool days!  Read more about that here
Maybe you don't homeschool or these checklists do not work for you. That's fine! Just find a system that does. Maybe a simple piece of paper or a whiteboard for each child so you can write their chores on it each day. Find something that works for you and your family!

As I make these lists,  I assign a task based on what needs to be done. 
Monday: Laundry Room and Bathroom
E - Laundry Room - Fold and put away all clothes
E - Bathroom - Clear and wipe down sink
S - Laundry Room - Pair Socks
S - Bathroom - Sweep and Mop
W - Laundry - Empty Trash
W - Bathroom - Empty Trash
*Tip - Use a timer!
While doing chores,  set the timer for 15 minutes (20 - 30 minutes on those messy days) and work until the timer goes off! No more and no less!  If they finish early, no problem, you've got a handy dandy list! 
Is there a simple yet organized way you assign chores?