Monday, November 9, 2015

Homeschool Habits! 15 Minutes to a Successful Homeschool Day!

I have recently tried to impliment a new habit in our homeschooling journey.


This habit has totally transformed our homeschool!

Because of this habit,  we now accomplish all of our tasks for that day (well, at least most of the time).

This habit has brought peace into our day!

This habit has answered questions for us!

This habit has kept us on track!

This habit has blessed our homeschool tremendously!

The best part is that this habit takes no more than 15 minutes to complete!

Ok are you ready?


This habit is so profound, I'm not sure if you can handle it!






It's a......


It's a LIST!


There, I said it!

I know, it's crazy right?!?! I mean who would have ever thought that something as simple as a list could bring such happiness, such peace, such harmony into our homeschooling day?
Seriously though....
A list!
This is what my 15 minutes of list making looks like.....
1. I have written in permanent market on my whiteboard-no, this is not a sin!-a schedule in which I can fill in each day.  It looks like this.....
And this is what it looks like filled in.....
2. Each child has a notebook.  It doesn't have to be fancy.
Put the date at the top
Make little boxes that the kids can put a check mark in. 
Then write everything they can do on their own!  You don't want to write everything down just the simple tasks they can do without mommy.  This keeps them moving and if you have to switch gears unexpectedly,  you can direct them to the next item on their list! 
I happened to find these on clearance at Staples a few years ago and we have used them for several different things but a cheep spiral notebook works just fine!

What do you do to keep your children on task?