Tuesday, November 3, 2015

40 Days of Organization

Have you been on Pinterest lately? (Ok, so, that was a rhetorical question :) ) I saw this idea on Pinterest and it was one of those moments when you say....... oh...... as in DUH! I see all these things in my house that need to be done and I never get to them.

Confession .... it's usually because I'm...

1) Lazy: by being on Pinterest too long ;)

2) Forget like 5 minutes after I think about it

3) I don't notice it

4) I don't have a list in front of me of what needs to be done


Take a sheet of notebook paper,

Write "40 Days of Organization" at the top

Number the page 1-40

List everything you want to get done

Pick 1 task a day!


So, here's what mine looks like:

Yes, I have a few blank spaces! I can't think of anything else right off so I figured I'd find some to add as I went along!

This was #30 Spot Clean Carpet


With a 5, 7, and 8 year old in the house, the carpet is doomed! I found this handy dandy carpet cleaner on pinterest.

You need:



Small Spray Bottle

And this concoction...

1T Vinegar

1t Dish Detergent

1Cup Hot Water

1T Baking Soda

Mix by adding Vinegar, Dish Detergent, and Hot Water to the Spray Bottle.

Then quickly add Baking Soda and the nozzle.

Spray on Stain

Scrub with Sponge

Wipe with Towel

I also employed the local Cowboy to help with #2. Clean Cabinets!

Let me know how your lists are going!