Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Homeschool Planning and Scheduling - Day 2

What's The Big Idea?

The next step in this process was to determine exactly what I would be teaching. This will be my first year with all 3 kiddos in "school". So, after the panic settled I started with my curriculum choices.

We will have a 3rd grader, 1st grader, and Kindergartner. Our days will be busy, hectic at times, and even seemingly unproductive, but I'm a firm believer in working hard as unto the Lord.


In the past, I have used Saxon Phonics, which I loved, however I find it difficult when you are having to teach multiple levels. We are also traveling a great deal with my husband and I nearly needed an extra suitcase just for our Saxon materials!

So, for teaching Phonics, we now use something called Reading Lessons Through Literature. It is an Orton phonogram program teaching reading through spelling. It is complete with spelling lists and short stories taken from The Elson Readers all in one book!

We stuck with Saxon for now. So we use Saxon K, 1, and 3.
We do enjoy the spiraling scope and sequence method used with Saxon! Sometimes it seems as though it is taking us for.ev.er to get through it but we are persevering :)

Saxon Math K


I have always wanted a Bible study that I could do during my alone time in the early morning and extend it to my children! 

After years, literally, of searching I finally found what I was looking for! 

I ran across this website www.doorposts.com ok...so I've heard of them before but I was intrigued by the title of this one...

YES!!!! That's exactly what we need! Especially after a fun packed summer! We are loving it! Simple and little to no prep time for mamma!

Last but certainly not least...
Classical Conversations!

I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing this curriculum is to me as a Homeschooling Mommy and to us as a family! There will be several posts on this soon but in a nutshell...

*It's the backbone to our homeschool
*It keeps me Classical!
*Structure with Flexability...Genius!
*Accountability in Community
*Friends... (because homeschool kids are sheltered and do not have social skills... wink wink!!!)
*Super Fun!!! My kids LOVE it!

This guide (which you will use EVERY year of Foundations) along with Classical Conversations' Classical Acts and Facts History Timeline Cards,  and Memory work CD's is all you need to get started. They also have other great resources to offer!
I also use a blog called Half A Hundred Acre Wood. That Homeschooling Mommy is a genius! She is extremely generous and helpful! Her Book List is AWESOME!!!!

In Closing...

Before you can schedule, you have to know what you're going to be working with! This list above is comforting to me. For 1 - it's not really all that expensive compared to some things. 2 - It is not a lot of materials but they are rich in content. 

Tune in tomorrow when we will "Send Out the Search Party"!!!!

Do you use some of the same materials? If not, what is your curriculum of choice?