Monday, November 2, 2015

Homeschool Planning and Scheduling - Day 1

The Dilemma!

One of my greatest struggles as a Homeschooling Mommy is used to be our SCHEDULE! I am a planner and an organizer but not very disciplined at times when it comes to the execution of what I have planned :(

My husband is a Preacher so we have to leave flexibility in our schedule so that we may minister. However, if I do not have things planned out I tend to forget something important or just not do them. That's right I said things go undone around here sometimes! Let's be honest here people. Not everyone has it all together. I know I sure don't. But I do know one who does. The Lord has this whole thing worked out. After all, we have life because He gave it to us. We have breath, because He allows it. We have blessings, because He allows it. Every now and then He does like He did ole Job and drops that hedge a little bit and we go through some trials and temptations just so He can mold us and make us into the image of His glorious Son, my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! But all that is for another post :)

Today I'm talking about getting a grip on the planning and the scheduling of homeschooling. And, I have learned that the Lord works all that out as well. Ultimately, God is in control even in the small areas of life such as our schedule! Ahhhhh...what a relief!

I will spend the next few days telling you about our days to come. That's right I said "DAYS TO COME" meaning that this is what I think my day will look like. I know it will not be as smooth going as that piece of paper says that it is. But, I am hopeful that I will at least get one day in perfect harmony! We shall see!

I believe a very important aspect of ones schedule is the "style" of learning that is implemented within ones home school..

We strive to be classical. I emphasize the word strive because I am a Public School Veteran and the idea of Classical Education is so foreign to me that I am constantly having to remind myself what Classical Education is and how it is to be implemented! I do realize that Classical Education is not for everyone. These planning and scheduling techniques may not work for you. But, I do hope that you will be able to pull at least one idea from this series of posts that will bless you and help you to have a productive year in homeschooling. 

There are so many wonderful aspects of Classical Education that I don't have time to mention. But, in this particular post, I wanted to bring out the areas that pertain to scheduling.I know that the love of reading is to be encouraged, and memorization is important. School is not necessarily split up into different subjects but is all intertwined and well planned in order to flow together. I want to be able to teach character throughout the day and implement it into our schedule. I want to see the light bulbs go off in my children's minds when they see God's creation brought to life through science and I want them to realize that words have meanings. 
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You can read more about Classical Education in a book entitled Classical Education and the Homeschool by Wes Callihan, Douglas Jones, and Douglas Wilson. And at 

So, the big question I started with is how am I going to teach the oldest and keep the younger two busy. Or how will I teach the oldest and keep the middle one focused. Or what was I thinking!?!?! First thing I did was call my patron homeschooling cousin :) she has 4 children ranging from 15 down to 8. So, I knew she could help me out ( I call her a lot!). After she got me refocused....I realized I'm not the only one doing this thing and I'm not the only one with these questions. So, tomorrow we will look at the BIG IDEA and start getting this planning and scheduling thing down on some paper! 

To all you Homeschooling Mommies (yes I capitalize that because I do believe it deserves it :) ), YOU CAN DO IT! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! YOU ARE BLESSED! YOU ARE DIFFERENT AND IT IS OKAY!

P.S. I love you and you are going to do great things with God's help!

*What are/have been your troubles with scheduling your day?